About Us

About Us

Manana Mobile International SIM Card is a very important Travel product that a Traveller should never leave home without. Manana Mobile offers great savings during Roaming in International Territories outside of home country, it is a Pre-Paid Travel SIM product hence no unpleasant Bill Shock surprises are encountered at a later date whilst settling bills. You limit your Roaming Telephone expenses by the amount you chose to pay and you are aware of ever call charges that you have to Incur.

Manana Mobile Global SIM Card gives you Network Availability and complete Roaming Telecom Coverage for Voice / Data / SMS in 190+ Countries. Of these in 135+ countries the incoming charges for Voice calls and SMS is Free. Manana Mobile Gives you a Permanent International Number from Europe that you can retain for life if you wish.

Manana Mobile uses both method of calling, the Direct Dialling and Call Back Method of calling, this allows Manana Mobile to offer its customers great savings when they use. When you make a call the call is dialled from your phone and goes through directly to the dialled party, this is known as Call Through, or Direct Dial, in certain circumstances, when the cost of calling is very high, the service provider provides Call-Back Method of call connection to save cost significantly, in this case the number dialled is registered by the service provider, and the Service provider originates two calls, one to the Caller and one to the called party and joins both the calls and this happens in seconds. This is known as Call-Back method of Calling.

Services We Offer

  • International Roaming Solutions
  • UK SIM Cards
  • Global Roaming SIM Cards
  • Country Specific SIM Cards
  • USA SIM Cards
  • Value Added Services

Break Barriers and Build Bridges, In the process serve the Unserved and the Underserved.

Chandan Ghosh